Adjective Agreement Chapitre 3 Answer Key

Unless its singular form already ends in -s to make a plural adjective, add -s: smart black smart big A Circle adjectives in the following sentences and emphasize the names they describe. D Translate the following English phrases into French. Then answer the questions in point 3. Direct Objects CHAPTER 2 A direct object is the person or thing in a sentence that directly receives the action of the verb. She answers the question, who? Or what? I gave him the book. (9 C is versus he/she is CHAPTER 3 To identify or describe people, you can use a variety of personal pronouns (him, them, them) and demonstrative pronouns (this, the one that). Who is this? It`s Christopher. He`s my father. He`s an architect. This is my friend Julie.

She`s Canadian. Fill drafts with a pronodem off the field. Those you did 1. These are my parents, Henry and Lucille. 2. Edith? She`s a very nice girl. 3. is my French teacher, Mrs. Duquenne. 4. are my cousins who live in Quebec.

5. Let me introduce you to my brother. He`s a college student. 6. Who is the blonde? It`s Josette, a friend of mine. 7 is Vincent, the new student. To identify or describe a person, you can use the phrases c is and he/she is. But these sentences are not interchangeable. Use it`s with a person`s name with an article/Possessivadjektiv – a noun with an article – a Nouniv – an adjective Use it/she is with an adjective C is Norbert. She`s a student. He`s my father.

He`s a smart man. He`s smart. She`s blonde. Take French 1 27 Grammar Tutor 4 IRRÉGULAR ADJECTIVES CHAPTER 3 B Circle each adjective and highlight the name it describes. Then check the corresponding boxes to specify whether each name is singular (S) or plural (P) and male (M) or female (F). 1. Elizabeth is beautiful. S P M F 2. There are no new students. 3. I like old windows.

4. Olivier has a brown car. 5.C is an old stadium. 6. Do you find the store chic? C Complete each sentence with the right off-field adjective. Beautiful old new new new brown new beautiful new 1. Jules has some nice posters. 2. I`d like you to meet a teacher. 3. There are chairs in the classroom. 4.

Isaak is my friend. 5. I have three colored. 6. Constance has a car. 7.C is an animal! D Translate the following English phrases into French. Then answer questions in the article Colette is a beautiful girl and Gaston is a beautiful boy. 2. I have brown eyes and a brown car. 3. What is a difference and resemblance between beautiful and beautiful adjectives? What is a difference and resemblance between brown and brown adjectives? Let`s get French 1 22 Grammar Tutor 3.

What a difference and resemblance between beautiful adjectives in French The spelling of most adjectives changes according to the sex A Circle of each adjective and emphasizes the nameinus that describes it. Then check the corresponding column to indicate if each noun is singular (S) or plural (P). In English, an adjective is a word that describes a Nov or pronoun. It says how someone or something is. The spelling of an adjective does not change if 3 irregular CHAPTER 3 adjectives are not changeable in English. They never change their shape, whether they describe a singular or plural name, male or female. Robert is tall and handsome. His children are grown up, too.

This pretty girl is also tall.