Bookkeeping Services Agreement Word

The accountant swears to provide all services listed to the high standards clearly indicated by the National Tax Preparers` Association and the National Association of Accountants. As noted above, accounting firms can offer a wide range of services. This clause of the accounting contract interprets and thus describes the services the client acquires. A clear definition of services ensures that your services are not exploited by broadening the scope of your work. The safety of your team in the workplace must be ensured by the client. First aid facilities and ambulance services should be provided by the client. You compensate or reimburse the client for costs caused by accidents or medical emergencies, while you, as a freelancer, provide accounting services. The paperwork displayed in the image preview provides the structure and language of an accountant to consolidate a customer order. It can be downloaded by clicking on one of the buttons in the preview image display area or at the top left. Make sure your software is up to date before you work on your copy. If you don`t have the proper pdf editor or word processing software, use your browser to view, save and print a copy to fill it out manually.

The accountant acts as an independent contractor in accordance with the consent of the client. The accountant is therefore not considered to be an agent of the client, broker or employee. The accountant is not a direct collaborator and provides his services to set up an accounting or accounting system to help you better manage your small business. 1. Services provided. The accountant provides the customer with the following services: 0Accounts Payable 0Accounts Receivable Bank 0Account Reconciciliation 0Financial Reporting 0Compensation General 0 General Accounts 0ODs: ___________________Jede party may terminate this accounting contract by providing 30 days of written notification to the authenticated mail counterparty.