Revising Divorce Agreement

Brette`s answer: That`s no reason to reverse the divorce. He may be in violation of the court order, but because he hurt her, it would be of no use to him. Once the application for change is closed, it must be submitted to the court and notified to your spouse. The court will go to a hearing and you will be able to make your case. If you and your spouse agree that a change is necessary, you should attach their consent to your petition and the court can make the amendment without legal intervention. Once the divorce is concluded and a judgment is recorded, either spouse can challenge a judge`s decision before a higher court (“Court of Appeal” or “Court of Appeal”). Because of the tribute to the original judge, it is unusual, but not impossible, for an appels court to revoke a judge`s decision in a divorce case. As a general rule, transaction agreements cannot be rescinded on appeal if both spouses have agreed to the terms of the transaction, unless there have been problems with the manner in which the agreement was concluded or other applicability issues. Brette`s response: Yes, you can submit a provision with the agreement. Talk to the clerk about what documents should be submitted or better, talk to your lawyer to make sure it`s a good decision and how to implement it.

Judith`s question: My ex and I agreed that we wanted to change the divorce agreement regarding my retirement from my teaching assignment. How can we change that? The Teachers` Retirement Board said it had to go back to court. Is it easy to do this without high legal fees? If you are witnessing a change in circumstances that you believe warrant a change in your divorce decree, please contact us today to verify your case. We will explain the divorce process in Alabama so that you feel safe to make a decision about how you intend to move forward. Susan`s question: I just got divorced after three years. I got monthly salaries – half a company. My ex did not appreciate the result and filed an application for a new trial. What are the chances of the judge granting a new trial? Your divorce decree is not set in stone.

It can be changed if it is unsuitable because of changes in your life or because it was inappropriate from the beginning. The divorce changes in Alabama require a petition to the court that gave your divorce and the approval of a judge. The huntsville divorce change lawyers at New Beginnings Family Law have extensive experience in helping clients get orders that change their divorce agreements. As a general rule, changes to divorce agreements are made to conditions affecting child support or support (marriage/dependent assistance) and other issues relating to children as they age. Whether our firm initially settled your divorce or not, you can count on our experienced lawyers to verify your goals, develop a thoughtful legal strategy and provide the compassionate support you need. If you are trying to process an application to change your divorce plan in Alabama, contact us today to discuss your legal options.